at Studio Robbie, 2018.

Alexander Robbie

B. 1988 Los Angeles, USA
Since 2011, Basel, Switzerland


The focus of practice is derived from the act of searching.

Lived, always a bridge.

Between cultures, between languages, and between social groups, between expectations.

An explosion of expectations. Crushing, and re-forming perceptions of love, of time, of being alive physically and mentally. Being distracted by “respectable” life, by fatherhood, by business, by bad excuses. Hitting 30 reinvigorated my fear of death, recognition of time.

Born in the baking bright light of the California desert, raised in the sweet, thick tropical light of Miami, and settling into the crisp northern light of Europe. A journey of the experience of light and color around the world.

Explorations of color, of form, of expectations.

A child of 90s American plastic prosperity.

Multimedia works spoken through the visual language of painting.

Lost and found in the human form, as am I, as are we all.

My work is a method of working through these inevitable paradoxes, the stacking of life experience (sometimes working on the same pieces for over a decade), the desire for youth in the face of death, the desire for color in the face of grey, the desire for light in the night.